Coming soon: Boffi Berlin , June Wednesday 25 th!

In the Berlin Boffi showroom, designed by Boffi AD Arkitect Piero Lissoni, enanched by the dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows, will take place the event “dichepastasiamo”, that is the eighth stop of an itinerary plan joining the Italian exellences of design and high cookery in the world.

Boffi custom-made kitchens animate with best specialities of pasta, olive oil, rice, tomatoes, parmesan cheese cooked in essential pots, and more with balsamic vinegar, Parma ham, biscuits, chocolate and with wines and craft beer poured in Venice glasses.

The spirit of the meeting will be, as usual, the familiar one, a dinner among friends where everybody brings something, waiting for showing to our guests, architects, journalists, designers, and other experts in food an wine, the fresh cooking by the light hand of Deborah Corsi, exclusive chef from Perla del Mare in San Vincenzo(LI), who will stand out the products of our Partners and the essence of Italian home cooking.

Be means the European centre of culture and economy and, with its architecture and museums attracts every age inhabitants and interested and sophisticated tourists, eager for meeting again the open and without borders spirit, wich permitted to J.F.Kennedy to say : “ I’m berliner “.

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