Really an amazing wonderful night at Boffi Studio in Sydney!

There are no borders when we speak about italian excellences of food, wine and design!

Sydney is an open city, multicultural and lively with an enviable climate, always temperate.
So many are the Italians who have been tempted by an easier life’s style and a land still to be discovered. Yes, we know, being away from home make everything more precious… and love for Italy is catching…
Dichepastasiamo is an itinerant project, born as a wish of the italian company Boffi, leader in kitchens, bathrooms and systems, to put the really best italian food and drink producers up in her showrooms around the world.
After having stopped off in Italy, Europe and United States, we have arrived at Sydney, our ninth stop and we are here with emotion. Many italian companies have given their support to the event, some yet on australian market, some as their first adventure.
Chef Marco Stabile’ good hands have been able to convert excellent products in a marvellous dinner, simple and sophisticated, to enchant his guests full of expectations.
A nice surprise for everybody has been the real pizza Napoli, as we can really eat in few places in Italy too, baked by Francesco Spataro, the best “pizzaiolo” in Sydney. As in a realistic moovie he has taken a wood oven and prepared pizza in the street in front of Boffi Studio showroom, with great amusement for our guests and passers-by.
It was really, a magic night among guests and hotplates, as in the best traditional family dinners, with Edwina Withers, kind landlady, we have welcomed our friends who have appreciated the event’s spirit, quality and smartness

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