logo di che pasta siamo def

“di che pasta siamo” is a format born in Boffi s.p.a., as a desire of joining the very best of italian design an haute cuisine and show it around the world.

“di Che Pasta Siamo” is an itinerant project, hosted by Boffi’s showrooms , to meet new friends in Italy, Europe and the whole World, offering and sharing the best values of industrial design and artisanal food knowledge.

Italian design companies and finest artisanal food producers meet for evenings dedicated to quality, innovation and design with talented italian chefs, like Lapo Querci, Cristiano Tomei, Deborah Corsi, Marco Stabile.

“di che pasta siamo” is an event with the aim of connection between the team of partners and local food lovers, architects, designers, social media journalists, restauranters, importers, distributors, food and wine retailers.

“di che pasta siamo” is a team of italian partners and companies who shares his products and experience on food and wine and hospitality, to improve their network. Boffi is the main partner.

“di che pasta siamo” is based on the idea of a party’s organization among friends at home, and you ask them to come and take something to share and enjoy togheter.

The idea of the event was created by Paola Barzanò for Boffi s.p.a. She organized previous events in Milan, Zurich, London, Milan, Los Angeles, New York, Rome, Berlin.





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