Chef Deborah Corsi-

deborah e acciughe

Self-taught, with great tenacity and willingness towards food, has gone from classic seafood dishes of the old province of Livorno in real food constructions by carefully studying and meditating on products, cooking and imagination.

There were courses made with big names such as catering Peter Leman, Louis Ointment, Emanuela Sarcino, Hector Bocchia and others, in facilities such as l’Etoile in Chioggia and Alma Colorno.

Then a lot of daily practice and a steady climb that has led her to refine traditional cooking, which she knows well, on creativity and taste very topical by calibrated.

In Deborah dishes there is so much territory, fish is the main element in his recipes and great is the care she puts into the handling and manipulating it. A research that has gone forward in time without altering food ever, necessary to propose an increasingly more attentive, new ideas and new whims of the palate.

An identity that she has been able to build with so much effort and that “it is hers alone” and does not resemble that of any other. Courageous and enterprising she has always accepted small and big challenges, participating alongside the most recognized names in competitions with other culinary and gastronomic names, always coming home with some recognition or as often happened, with trophies for top finishers.

A current and enjoyable cooking for all tastes, which is worth a stop on this stretch of beach, because the place is already a few steps from the sea and the “Pearl of the Sea”, you eat nicely accompanied by the sound of the waves and the beautiful sunsets of the summer season.

La perla del mare, San Vincenzo (LI)

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