32 Via dei birrai, craft beer


32 Via dei Birrai represents a new language in the boundless scenario of the brewery sector. It resets and redefines the usual. It takes the habitual concept of “beer” into another dimension. It becomes design in the form of a bottle.

 The reason behind 32 Via dei Birrai:

32 is the number of the class that includes beer according to the Nice international classification, which indicates and categorises products and services. Via dei Birrai represents the path of beer, which, like the circle, is the eternal movement towards the future.

Thanks to the happy insight of a skilful master brewer, a business expert and an engineer with a passion for homebrewing 32 Via dei Birrai has come into being. Whether for fun or for pleasure it is in any case a new brewmaker style, which intends changing the way of perceiving beer and opening it up to complementary worlds.

To get to know and fully appreciate the 32 Via dei Birrai beers, all you need to do now is taste them!

 image (1)

la birra image

32 Via dei Birrai also represents: the consumer who cares about environmental issues the connoisseur who chooses a beer made according to expert artisan processes the habitué who drinks beer for the sheer pleasure of it the customer who gets hooked on it after the very first sip … because without them 32 would not exist.


Birrificio Artigianale

Via Cal Lusent 41 31040 Pederobba (TV)

Telefono: 0423 681983



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