Azienda Agricola Coppini Arte Olearia, extra virgin olive oil



Our Company has been producing Extravirgin Olive Oil of Certain and Certified Origin and Quality since 1946 in Abruzzo, Sicily and Apulia.

Our strenghth is represented by the Identity Card and by the Certification of Traceability of Production Chain. The first one gives the Consumer the certainty of quality through the declaration of the Olive Tree varieties, Picking Year, Extraction Temperature, Picking Systems and % of Vitamin E. The second one traces each production step from the Olive Grove, to the Oil Mill, till our Customer’s table. Freshness is guaranteed the whole year by our stocking cellar in modified atmosphere near Parma, where our premises are.

Result: Extravirgin Olive Oils with different sensory features and round structures; Dressings from the simultaneous pressure of Olives and Citrus Fruits or Spices. All of them exhalt any Food sensory features.




Strada al Grugno 3/4 –

43017 San Secondo Parmense (Parma)

Tel. +39 0521 877679

Fax 0521 872449

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