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Zafferano ist ein venezianisches Unternehmen, das Gläser für Verkostungen und Geschirr herstellt. Für ihr Design und Dekor lehnen sie sich an die Erfahrung und das Handwerk der Glasbläser aus Murano an.


Tasting glasses, glasses and complements designed by Federico de Majo

 Zafferano, a Venetian company directed by Federico de Majo, has been creating collections of tasting glasses and tableware in glass since 2001. This is a company in which creativity and Italian design make up the basis for product design and realization of objects created not only to be functional and decorative but also to bring dreams and emotions to life.

Federico de Majo has always worked in the world of glass, starting off in the Murano glassworks of the family and dedicating himself to the sector of illumination to then move on to the creation of an all-Italian trademark for tasting glasses.

In fact Zafferano originated from the Venetian designer’s idea of creating an Italian brand to accompany and bring out the best of those talents thanks to which our country has become famous all over the world: design, wine production and haute cuisine.

Thanks to the experience accumulated over the years with master glassblowers, and to his passion for glass-making and for design, Federico de Majo has created collections of wine-glasses for tasting and objects for decorating the table that in a short time have distinguished themselves at an international level for originality and creativity. The choice of materials, the functionality, the study of shape – refined and technical at the same time – just as the patented technique of working the glass for the line Esperienze –  all these bear witness to the great attention paid to design and product research that characterizes the trademark Zafferano.

Thanks also to this patrimony of competence in the field of design, the company is always ready to realize customized products, varying the production in the catalogue according to the specifications and aesthetic details requested.

Each collection expresses its own strong personality, coming from a creative intuition that gradually takes shape and evolves into an idea and then the development of a project. Each product is conceived to be functional but at the same time an object of singular aesthetic impact.

The glasses for tasting and the colourful tumblers trademarked Zafferano, including in particular the Perle line, are by now among the protagonists in the world of tasting and haute cuisine, both Italian and international. The choice of the Zafferano collections on behalf of the top restaurants and chefs bears testimony to the recognition of the high-quality artisan workmanship and originality of the design.


Perle_2_verde mela

Zafferano s.r.l.

Viale dell’Industria, 26

31055 Quinto di Treviso (Treviso) – Italy

Tel. +39 0422 470344 Fax +39 0422 470400



Press contact:

Cristina Testa – Testa & Rizzo Associati


mobile +39 338 1576909





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