Boffi Munich , October 9th 2014

Arrival of autumn in Munich comes with changing colors of leaves that surrounds the city parks in red, yellow, orange and brown. And this year, the season came with bundles of gorgeous wine, cheese, prosciutto, pasta, rice, olive oil, chocolate, and beer from all around Italy and fine cuisine prepared by Chef Deborah Corsi from Tuscany.

Thilo Walkemeier, store manager at Boffi Munchen kitchen, bathroom and system, wormly welcomed the guests of the 10th ‘dichepastasiamo?’ event in the wonderful showroom in Nyemphenburger Strasse.

The event was full of fine quality Italian produce presented at the show room of Boffi–Munich with five-course meal prepared to match the colors of autumn. Like water color paintings Chef Corsi has produced, octopus with roasted ham in balsamico perfectly represents the colors we see in the parks of this beautiful city and risotto with saffron, honey, gorgonzola was packed with the taste of fall and beautiful autumn colors of the forests.

Moreover a delicious crispy pizza made by the famous pizzaiolo Paolo Aggio was really appreciated by guests.

20 Partners exclusively selected by Paola Barzano’, brought their fantastic products at Boffi Munich Showroom for the tasting and the Deborah Corsi showcooking for the enthusiastic guests.

It is the kitchen that holds the family together, it is the place where stories are told, communication happens, love is created, and traditions passed and this is not only an Italian culture, kitchen is the universal cultural hotspot. The concept of gastronomy is changing around the world, we are not only looking at what is on our plate. The new generation is interested in where our food comes from, how is it made, and how does it effect our body and the environment.

di che pasta siamo is a team with a VOICE and a MISSION. “We all want to show the world, what real Italy is all about. The fine quality produce we have is still a secret to many people around the world, and we want to introduce our tradition, culture and love of food through our products”

Boffi Munich

Chef Deborah Corsi

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Now that Milano EXPO is taking place in 2015, it is really important to message out the holistic world of FOOD! Taste is very important, but the Art of Food is the new frontier in this sector. We want to represent food as an art, not only through cooking but in addition with design of dishes, glasses, kitchen hardware along with , cultural and traditional knowledge that is passed through the art of production.

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