Mediterranea Belfiore


Mediterranea Belfiore

Alles begann im Jahr 1952, als man beschloss, Tomaten auf einem kleinen Bauernhof in Cecina, in der Provinz Livorno nahe am Meer anzubauen. Zu dieser Zeit wandten sich viele Bauern von der Landwirtschaft ab, weil die Renditen niedrig waren; daher wurden die Aktivitäten in Cecina durch Einrichtung einer kleinen Schnapsbrennerei erweitert. Das Landgut installierte zudem eine Anlage zur Produktion von Konservendosen, um Tomaten haltbar zu machen. Damit sich die Produkte von denen ihrer industriellen Konkurrenten unterschieden, wurden ausschließlich Rohstoffe aus biologischem Anbau verwendet. In dieser Tradition produziert Mediterranea Belfiore bis heute feinste Tomatensaucen.


It all began in 1952 when our father, Donato, decided to grow tomatoes at our family’s small farm in Cecina in the Province of Livorno, close to the sea. At a time when many farmers were abandoning agriculture because returns were low, he chose to extend his activity by adding a small liquor distillery. He put this marketing experience to good use in 1974, when he installed a plant for the production of canned tomato sauce, using rigorously home methods.
And since the farm, and the business, had always been a family affair, we started helping our father and mother early in life: we -Simonetta, Antonella, Emiliana – literally grew up in our cottage industry! In 1997, when unfortunately our father had to stop working due to his health, we three sisters carried on.
And to differentiate our products, to set them apart from those of our industrial competitors, we favored to use exclusively raw materials grown by organic methods.


The selection process for the quality tomatoes we use in our “Salse del Cuore” begins literally- from the ground up: in the fields, where we choose the most suitable organic soils, the best exposition to the sun, and – of course – only the best varieties of tomatoes. The fruits are harvested in midsummer, when they are perfectly ripe and very sweet. Today harvesting is carried out with the aid of machines and processing takes place within 24 hours from picking.


In order to maintain all the freshness and fragrance of the perfectly-ripe, fresh-picked fruit, processing time must be held to a minimum. Following several washings, the tomatoes are selected by hand for immediate transformation into juice and sauces or chopped. Quick cooking at low temperatures keeps all the flavor and fragrance intact. Also the additional ingredients like herbs, garlic, onions, carrots, celery, and hot peppers are always the very freshest; basil, in particular, is grown by us with the highest care and just as lovingly picked by Mamma Renza every hour and put into each jar by hand.


Our tasty vegetable specialties are prepared with the usual care and attention we pay to preserve all the freshness and genuineness of our raw materials. For their preparation we use only extra-virgin olive oil, this makes them real gourmet specialties.
Grilled vegetables, sweet peppers, eggplants, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, and mixed vegetables are preserved in oil or vinegar, in sweet-sour or spicy brine: many original variants for absolutely natural and organically-grown ingredients.
And what’s more, our creative flair, stimulated by the seasonal products of our land, continually finds expression in new products which we invite you to discover!


We select only the very finest Morelli Toscani – Tuscan purple variety – to be preserved in oil. The artichokes are harvested by hand in the early hours of the morning and from the fields come straight to the plant, where we process them within 24 hours. According to the traditional recipe they are gently handled with artisan skill. The only mechanical aid consists in clipping the tops and stems; then, the outer leaves are peeled back and snapped by hand to expose the hearts. The hearts are blanched in water and vinegar before being placed one by one in the jars, which are then filled to the brim with extra-virgin olive oil.


For our pesto, we have made some changes in the proportions of the classic ingredients: the unique flavor of the aged Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, the predominant element in our recipe, is enhanced by the fragrance of our own “precious” basil, top-grade pine nuts, a touch of garlic and excellent extra-virgin olive oil. A mix of genuine ingredients for a tasty, sophisticated quality product appreciated even by the most demanding palates.


Open a jar . . . an intense, unmistakable fragrance of basil, parmesan, and extra-virgin olive oil fills the air and teases your senses and we bet you won’t be able to resist the temptation to taste it with your finger! Savor it slowly, close your eyes and enjoy the creamy texture, the distinctive flavor; breathe in the fragrance, taste each fresh ingredient, and you’ll discover a pure, unpasteurized product, which, for this reason, must be stored in the refrigerator even before opening.

Nuova immagine

Lontani per scelta dai ritmi della produzione industriale prepariamo le nostre specialità, con la cura di chi ha fatto della qualità un motivo di orgoglio.
In sintonia con i ritmi naturali delle stagioni, lavoriamo ogni prodotto solo nel cuore del periodo di maturazione, quando raggiunge il massimo di dolcezza e fragranza.
L’azienda è stata fondata nel 1974 da nostro padre Donato ed oggi siamo noi, Simonetta, Antonella e Emiliana a scegliere e lavorare esclusivamente prodotti da agricoltura biologica.


Cecina, Mediterranea Belfiore

Cecina, Mediterranea Belfiore


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