Savini Tartufi


The Savini Family have dealt with Truffles in Tuscany since ever. A passion which has been passed on through 4 generations since the early 20s. We seek seasonal fresh truffles ourselves, now as then and we bring forth a complete production process, which is carefully followed from harvest to selection, from washing to crafting, from packing to delivery. We and our truffle seekers walk through the heart of Tuscany daily. This is why we can guarantee a high quality product with a safe origin indication. Our truffles, Black and White, are chosen one by one directly by Luciano and Cristiano Savini. 2007 was a very good year for Savini Tartufi. In November we unearthed, thanks to the truffle dog Rocco, the Giant White Truffle which weighed 1,497 Kg on the hills of Palaia (Pisa). It was sold for charity during the international auction of the tuscan truffle. Now it holds the World Record for the biggest truffle and for the highest bid for a White Truffle 330,000$.

Savini Tartufi srl
Piazza C. D’ascanio Loc. Montanelli
56036 Forcoli PI

Coordinate GPS:
Lat: 43.546362

Tel. (+39) 0587 628037 – 629339
Fax (+39) 0587 628833

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