Croco e Smilace

Croco e Smilace

Natural, artisan and seasonal: these are the three defining priorities of our farm.
Our business is the realization of a dream for two disillusioned ex city-dwellers, who strongly believe that “healthy” and “tasty” go hand in hand.
We chose the Tuscan hills between Florence and Pisa to bring our project to life.
This is where we decided to plant saffron, rhubarb, mint and thyme.

In the beginning, it was, therefore, only medicinal plants.

Soon after, the desire to accept whatever the earth has to offer prompted us to plant fruit trees, place beehives among the acacia trees and cultivate strawberries.
Planting, fertilizing, protecting from parasites – as well as wild boars ! – all requires a special passion and a desire to nurture and protect earth’s generous gifts. It’s all done by hand, with no resort to machinery, fertilizers or pesticides. All our cultivations , in fact, are organic, even if not certified.
Imagination, the desire always to experiment and a drive to disseminate knowledge about the unique properties of our products led us to re-elaborate the way medicinal plants can be used, amalgamating them into wonderful concoctions, little nuggets of taste and wholesomeness.
The union between careful research into ancient recipes and the desire to dare and experiment brings to life unique preserves, jams, pates and jellies. The unusual combination of ingredients ( honey, fruit, chocolate, salt and grappa ) surprises even palates that are accustomed to the most refined flavours.

Toni and Gabriela

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