Mieli Thun


Honey is delicious any time of the day, and it will enhance breakfast – whether it is Ayurvedic, Mediterranean or Continental – lunch or dinner. Honey goes well with cheese, but even better with meat and fish or we suggest trying to perfume a Lung-Ching green tea or a Pu-Erh black aged tea.

Delicious Nectar?! Gold “excavated” from the mines of Mother Nature. “Quintessence” of its florilegium?!
Few authors, even from the past, have succeeded in expressing all the Value, intrinsic and non, of this extraordinary product: only in poems or poetry. There is no way to describe Honey without altering its nature or excluding at least one, if not more, of its characteristics.
Only the solar and intellectual romanticism of a Canticle can attribute to it all its complexity which it lives off of and its sacredness in which it is embraced.


Without presumptuousness nor ingenuousness, MieliThun thrives, since its beginning, to redeem, as much as possible, the True Value of the Product Honey.
It operates with the precise goal to not allow absolutely anything to shadow the high potentials it offers; both in its most natural as well as bio-dynamic aspect and in the economical gratifications which derive from it, if acknowledged and treated as deserved.
The not so fruitful outcomes experienced in other sectors of the Italian agriculture and food industry are far too evident. In light of this, and determined not to passively witness the same outcome, MieliThun has, for some time, chosen a strategy entirely dedicated to protecting this inestimable Product.

Starting off by adopting a policy that regulates the sales prices, giving value to both the Product, and the “infinite” different characteristics attributed to it by its monofloral origin, and to all the immense “work” that is behind a jar of precious Honey.
And ending off, by dedicating an entire line to the monofloral variations called “Quintessenza” – a very strict selection of the best that can be offered by Nature and, at the same time, the experience gained by the collector.

Besides all this, there is constantly the omnipresence of a never-ending research “in Mieli-Thun” to obtain the maximum availability and enjoyment of Honey.
These researches, carried out with all respect to the integrity of the Product, are aiming more and more at focusing energy on “Crystallisation”: a very important aspect required to make connotations and render enjoyable the tasting of each single variation.

The dawn of a new day is getting closer and MieliThun, inevitably tied to the rhythms of the seasons which roll into one another, continues to study any imminent and prosperous market development. As is customary, it directs all its energy towards those Clients – yesterday’s and today’s – who, ever more capable of distinguishing between “Form and Substance”, will chose to share the disciplined Passion which keeps alive and characterizes the course of growth.



MIELI THUN – Azienda Agricola Andrea Paternoster –

Via Castel Thun, n° 8 – I-38010 Vigo di Ton (Trento) – Italy



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