Chef Marco Stabile




Marco Stabile, 41years old, from Tuscany, italian haut cousine kept promise, big debut next to Guido Sabatini, fundamental teaching by instructor Gaetano Trovato, began his experience opening “l’Osteria di Passignano”of Antinori family and long staying at “Arnolfo” and “il Cavaliere del Castello di Gabbiano”of Beringer Bass wine commercial farm.

At the end of this way, improoving tecniques and grewing the talent, he has got the project “Ora d’Aria“(open air hour) where he has had the opportunity to get his strog personality at last. Based on his curious, international and innovative nature, but strong of tradition that is culture, family, territory, and brave to prove to be in the magic of those tastes which send back to childhood and extraordinary present.

Ora d’Aria grants a big wish, the admittance in the prestigious association Jeunes Restauratores d’Europe in 2009.

Since then the chef has got so many prizes to his originality and ability to advance trends as coming closer to the beer world and usin this vrsatile product with many identities, looking for a new way of cooking. His commitment for the beers list won a prize by Guida Ristoranti Espresso and by Identità Golose as the best cousine with beer.

At the end of 2011 he gets the most ambitious recognition: the first Michelin Star.


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