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Logo 5 Stagioni

Le 5 Stagioni, the leading Italian flour brand offers the widest range of high quality flour products to pizza chefs.

Since 1831 Le 5 Stagioni, supported by their long tradition in milling, continues to introduce innovative and specialized products in order to meet specific requirements from the evolving pizza market.

Everyday research and development have lead Agugiaro e Figna well beyond their complete and very original product range. Quality control provides very strict chemical-physical analyses which are conducted in their perfectly equipped laboratories in all three fully certified factories. Two Research & Development centres have been set up in the Curtarolo and Magione factories, with the best equipment installed for bakery products, where the professional team of master bakers, confectioners and expert technicians work together with the clients. A service that is addressed to both the artisan who is always seeking something new, and the client who needs to develop new

products, working in close cooperation with their marketing and production departments. Our technicians periodically visit the clients directly, to perfect products to satisfy even the most demanding requirements




Valeria Alberti , marketing e comunicazione

Via Monte Nero, 111 – 35010 Curtarolo (PD)

Tel  +39 335 7128742    + 39 049 9624673

Fax + 39 049 9624627

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