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Franciacorta is a magnificent region of gentle morainic hills south of Lago d’Iseo, in the province of Brescia. The origin of the name is wrapped in mystery, even though the name “Franzacurta” appears for the first time in 13th-century documents and probably referred to exemption from commercial taxes (franchae curtes), a privilege enjoyed by the local villages under the protection of their clergy. For many centuries this area has demonstrated its natural potential for fine winemaking; thus Franciacorta was among the first areas, in 1967, to move towards DOC denomination, and since 1995 it is the first DOCG for sparkling wine. The Franciacorta DOCG Production Code lays down a very rigid production procedure as well as a minimum bottle-ageing period that is lengthier than for any other similar product in the world. Franciacorta must use only Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, or Pinot Noir grapes from this zone, with very low yields per hectare, and a minimum ageing period of 25 months for the basic type and 37 months for the vintage-dated (millesimato) style.

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Azienda Agricola Il Mosnel lies in the heart of Franciacorta, in Camignone, at a spot traditionally referred to as Il Mosnel, a dialect word of Celtic origin that means a rock pile. It is the name as well of the venerable residence, adjacent properties, and 16th-century wine cellars that witness to the centuries-old winemaking traditions inherited by the Barboglio family in 1836. From 1968 under the expert guidance of Emanuela Barboglio (deceased in 2007) helped in the last years by her children Giulio and Lucia Barzanò, the estate has dedicated itself to viticulture and the production of Franciacorta DOCG. Deep respect for the environment, vineyards planted to high densities, and low yields per vine are the guiding principles of the cultivation of the 40 hectares of estate vineyards (35 for Franciacorta DOCG and 5 for DOC), all directed to the goal of providing exceptional raw materials: the grapes. The eight different grape varieties planted in 14 different vineyard blocks surrounding the estate building complex each require customised management throughout the growing year and painstaking precision in the choice of optimal harvest dates.

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The grapes are picked into shallow boxes and sent immediately to the cellar, to be carefully graded then lightly pressed. The must is then cool-fermented in small oak casks or in stainless steel. After lengthy, careful tastings in the spring, the different wines, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Noir, each from its own appropriate vineyard block, are blended in varying proportions to make up the various types of Franciacorta and will then re-ferment in the bottle. The bottled wine ages at least two years in our attractive, venerable wine cellar, with the lees contact that will optimise its brilliance, its subtle, leisurely mousse, and the unmistakable aromas typical of Il Mosnel’s Franciacorta versions.

The Terre di Franciacorta (Curtefranca) wines will be bottled or matured in small oak barrels, each according to its type, to develop the balanced flavours and spicy fragrances, the roundness and finesse that will improve over time.

The wines produced go to the Italian and foreign markets to be served by the best restaurants, enotecas, hotels, and wine bars.

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On this ancient family estate, which we have always loved, lived, cosseted, and in recent years re-structured and improved, we enjoy the proud privilege of devoting ourselves, with intense devotion, to the art of wine, one of the most satisfying professions one could conceive. Acutely aware of this, we work with our hands, our hearts and souls, with our experience and the slow passage of time: all of these are essential ingredients of our wines, wines that summon up the impressions and the emotions of this land of ours, so exceptional and so intriguing.

Our venerable buildings stand ready to welcome you, to reveal the innermost secrets of our Franciacorta sparklers, as you delightedly stroll about, ending up in the magic atmosphere of an enchanting park, with centuries-old trees and intriguing pathways all around you.

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The knowledge and experience of Emanuela Barboglio are now carried on by her children: Giulio and Lucia Barzanò. Giulio is responsible for the technical, business, and production areas, while Lucia directs marketing, external relations, and administration. The family is ably assisted by a highly professional staff and by consulting agronomists and oenologists with long experience, who closely supervise wine production and technical improvements. Restructuring an area above the cellar recently enabled us to make available to wine tourists a unique, versatile space we call, Quelli che il vino… (“Those to whom wine…”), a warm, welcoming area, a kind of treasure trove made available by Quelli che il vino … è la loro vita (“Those to whom wine…is their life.”), where one may taste wine, celebrate it; where wine is art, science, culture, feelings, play; where wine is always and everywhere not just in the glass or on one’s lips, but in the vine-rows that march in through the windows, and in the fragrances that waft in from the cellar and fill the room. For the pleasure of Quelli che il vino…

Emanuela Barboglio e Figli Soc. Agr. Semp.

Via Barboglio, 14 · 25040 Camignone di Passirano (BS)

Tel. 030 653117 · Fax 030 654236 ·

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