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RossoRamina is an Italian Ceramic Factory which works to turn beautiful objects into useful tools. Their products include artistic collections for table dressing, furnishing and lighting. The dream is to give to the every day products a functional value together with a poetic touch.
RossoRamina comes from the synergy of two young creatives, Federica Cipriani and Stefano Gambogi, “the arm” and “the hand”. All products are designed and produced directly and exclusively by RossoRamina.

Our production is mainly made of maiolica. All items are cooked a first time to obtain the clay or “biscuit”. Then products are glazed and decorated, finally cooked a second time to allow glazes to merge into ceramic. Our items are made entirely by hand in limited quantities with a special focus on shpaes and details to enhance the uniqueness of each piece.
My approach to the ceramics’ art began at the meeting with Stefano Gambogi who gave to me the pleasure of creating with clay and indulging in the magic feeling of change. My life is linked to design and making,  probably due to an uncle of mine whom I never met and to my mother, both having a deep passion for Art.
Since when I was a child, I preferred venturing into the woods and observe the many hues of the countryside. Later on, learned the techniques of pottery but where, above all, I began to create my own work. It’s working at the lathe listening to the the continuous metamorphosis of shape while searching my mind’s paths
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RossoRamina è una Manifattura Ceramica Italiana che si distingue nel far l’utile bello, dando un valore funzionale ma anche poetico alle collezioni per la tavola, ai complementi d’arredo, all’illuminazione. RossoRamina nasce dalla sinergia di due giovani creativi, Stefano Gambogi e Federica Cipriani “il braccio e la mano”.
La nostra produzione è principalmente realizzata in maiolica. Tutti gli oggetti vengono cotti una I° volta ottenendo la terracotta o biscotto, poi smaltati e decorati e cotti una II° volta per permettere agli smalti la fusione in ceramica. Tutti gli oggetti sono disegnati e prodotti direttamente e esclusivamente da noi in quantità limitate con una particolare attenzione allla forma e al dettaglio a valorizzare l’unicità di ognuno di essi.

Manifattura Ceramica RossoRamina
via Sane Vecchie, 82
55018 Segromigno in Piano, Lucca


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  1. Antonio Giannecchini says:

    Vedo tanto amore.

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