The Lapo Querci’s Menù Zurich

1. Arancina mantecata alla Bergese

Rice, rice germ and siphoned mozzarella di bufala.

2. Paccheri al Pomodoro, origano fresco.

Thick durum wheat pasta with an oven dried tomato sauce.

3. Cipollock

Burnt onion on italian pride.

4. Terrra di Crucifere

Chocolate, real deal balsamic vinegar and fried cabbage.

5.Pear und Beer

Compressed pear pulp & 3+2 glaze.

RECIPES – All are measured for 6 servings.

  1. Arancina mantecata alla Bergese

For the mozzarella foam


250 g mozzarella

50 g gram of the mozzarella’s brine

1 g salt


Blend ingredients together and put them in a half liter siphon.

Charge the siphon with 2 to 3 cream gas charges and reserve in the fridge.

For the rice germ crust


100 g flour

100 g egg white

50 g butter

100 g rice germ

100 g sugar

2 g salt

10 g ground oil


Blend all ingredients together and brush a thin layer of this paste over silk pat or oven paper.

Put in a 190° degrees oven for 2 to 3 minutes.

Take out of the oven and immediately form into half-spheres.

Let it cool and reserve in very dry place.

For the risotto


300 g Carnaroli rice

50 ml dry white wine

600 g water

20 g ground oil

120 g parmigiano 24 month aged finely grated

180 g butter

100 g red onion very finely sliced.

Salt to taste


Cook in a pan the onion with oil and butter for aprox 3 hours until fully browned.

In a separate pan, lightly heat the rice, add the white wine and let fully evaporate.

Add the water, the browned onion and salt. Cook until rice is al dente and all the mixture very creamy.

Take off the heat and add butter, let it set for 2 to 3 minutes, add then add the parmigiano;

let it sit for another 2 to 3 minutes then stir.


Serve 1/6 of the rice on a hollow plate, top with mozzarella foam and a rice crust.

  1. Paccheri al Pomodoro, origano fresco.

For the sauce


500 g of filleted canned tomatoes

5 g of sugar

5 g of salt

2 g Sodium bicarbonate

2 cloves of garlic finally minced

50 g extra virgin olive oil


Mix all ingredients together, lay on a tray and cook in the oven for 130° for 2 hours.

Reserve at room temperature.

For pasta


500 g Paccheri





Cook the pasta salted boiling water until al dente. Add vinegar in the last 2 minutes of cooking.

The pasta should be done in 12 – 14 minutes.


Mix the pasta with the sauce in a bowl, put on a plate and garnish with oregano.

  1. Cipollock

For the onions


3 big red onions

ground Oil



Peel and cut in half the onions horizontally.

Lay them on a tray face down and bake at 150° with oil and salt .

After 1 hour and a half, turn them over and finish baking for about 45 minutes.

For the cheese sauce


250 g of chopped robiola.

125 ml of fresh cream.

1 g of Salt


Mix all ingredients in bag and vacum seal.

Cook in a water bath of 54° until fully melted (aprox 35 -40 min).

Strain the sauce with a chinoise and reserve it in a warm place.

For the chili oil


60 g of fresh chili finely minced (discard before hea d stem and seeds)

60 g of ground oil


Vacum seal and cook in water bath of 60 ° for aprox. 1 hour.

Chill the bag in ice water bath and reserve in refrigerator.

For Basil sauce


100 g washed and dried basil leafs (preferably small leafs)



Sodium bicarbonate

10 g ground oil


Blanch the leafs in salted water with the Sodium bicarbonate.

Blend the blanched leafs with immersion blender and oil.

Strain through a chinoise and reserve in the refrigerator.


Put a base of cheese sauce on a plate, set one half of the baked onion face up over the sauce.

Dress with the oil and basil sauce.

  1. Terra di Crucifere

For the earth


50 g crustless fresh bread.

50 g Piedmontaise hazelnuts

5 g balsamic vinegar

20 g castor sugar

2 g salt

50 g dark chocolate

10 g bitter cocoa


Toast at 145° bread and hazelnuts, let cool then grind together into a powder; reserve.

Mince with a knife the chocolate and mix with remaining ingredients.

Add this mixuture to the bread and hazelnut powder and reserve in freezer.

For cabbage chips


6 leafs cabbage

500 g ground oil




Cut in half the cabbage leafs and blanch in salted water,

strain and reserve in the fridge (without lid) for at least 6 hours.

Deep fry at 155 ° until lightly browned and very crisp.


Lay 1/6 of the earth on a hollow plate and set 2 pieces of cabbage on top.

  1. Pear and beer

For the pears


4 firm pears of aprox. 150 g each, peeled, cored and cut into three parts.

55 g castor sugar

3 g salt


Vacum seal all ingredients in a bag and reserve it in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours.

Simmer at 70° for 10 to 12 minutes. Cool the bag in ice water bath.

Reserve in refrigerator until service.

For beer reduction


500 ml of beer


Reduce the beer to 1/10 over a low/ medium fire.


Lay 2 pieces of cooked and chilled pear on a hollow plate and dress with the beer reduction.

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