Frantoio Pruneti, extra virgin olive oil


Frantoio Pruneti, extra virgin olive oil

Pruneti: a great oil for a great dish

Quality, excellence and passion are the guiding principles of Pruneti, a company arrived at the fourth generation with the two brothers Gionni and Paolo. The care of every stage of production and handcrafted quality control infuse in Pruneti Extra Virgin Olive Oils all the value of tradition and love of a territory, its flavors and fragrances. The deep knowledge of cultivars and production methods have led to the development of nine types of extra virgin olive oil, each with different sensory and organoleptic properties .

The Monocultivar Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Grand Cru Viuzzo, are the result of passionate research to enhance the characteristics of each cultivar, excellent expression of the territory and its most typical varieties of olives.

Collection Tradizione wants to offer “the best  Extra Virgin Olive Oil for each dish. Five blend with nuances of taste refined and different, that vary in intensity and structure from the most delicate to the most intense, able to create optimal combinations for each dish.Thus arise from the hills of Florence highest quality products for unique taste experiences.




PRUNETI Tradizione

PRUNETI monocultivar_intro


Via dell’Oliveto, 24

San Polo in Chianti (FI) Italy

Tel: +39 055.8555091

Fax: +39 055.4641485

Mob: +39 331.7133833




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