Il Buco

Il Buco it’s a drop of “Little Italy” in the heart of Copenhagen. We import natural wines, hand cured hams and cheeses, as well as other specialities from all corners of Italy. Our mission is to provide the finest Italian products with respect for the environment, our producers and costumers.

The retail shop “Alimentari”, is our showcase.
You may stop by for a glass of natural wine, a freshly baked croissant, a fresh homemade pasta dish or either to taste and buy from our selection of hams and cheeses. In this occasion we are to present three of our producers, since they perfectly embody our business philosophy.
“AltaLanga” with theirs organic hazelnuts, 100% Nocciola Tonda Gentile Trilobata “Piemonte I.G.P.”
“Il Bazza” with his natural cured meats, all hand cured without using any addictive, just salt and natural spices.
“Bussu Formaggi” shepherds and cheese-makers, they own 1800 autochthonous sheep producing from their milk different type of organic pecorino.

Il Buco Njalsgade 19c, 2300 København S –
Alimentari Njalsgade 19c, 2300 København S

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