Acquerello, the rice




“Tastier, richer, and healthier”

Acquerello is the ultimate Carnaroli “Extra” rice, produced and packed by the Rondolino’s family on the Colombara farm, in the heart of Vercelli province.

Its own success is the result of extensive researches and Rondolino’s legacies. It’s the union of tradition and innovation, that allows its exclusive way of production. At first, still as paddy, Acquerello undergoes an aging process; then it’s slowly refined with the helix, and finally enriched with its own germ.

The steps of aging, refining and enriching are, indeed the ones that makes Acquerello tastier, richer and healthier.

Acquerello rice is famous among chefs and gourmet lovers and it is considered the best rice in the world.

Acquerello grains are perfectly whole, fully consistent, tastier and not sticky. It is the only rice that makes every dish outstanding. With Acquerello your risotto will be always perfect.

To preserve its quality, Acquerello is packed in unique vacuum-sealed enameled tins, available in different formats.

An extreme care is given to production and packaging, that take place directly on the farm, in respecting nature and environment.

  The germ


Vercelli plains are covered with huge and geometric water mirrors – the rice fields – that create a magical and charming landscape.

This landscape preserves ancient traditions and a cultural and rural heritage, capturing the heart and mind of artists and poets.

Acquerello is born at the doors of the European capital of rice, among these natural wonders.

The ancient property of the Rondolino family find its site in the village of Livorno Ferraris and it is known as Tenuta Torrone della Colombara.

This site has been famous since 1500 for its water abundance and its earth fertility, well suited for rice farming.

The Colombara Estate The Rondolino Family habitat


Acquerello Tenuta Colombara
13046 Livorno Ferraris, Vercelli
Telefono: (+39) 0161 47 78 32
Cellulare: (+39) 334 63 92 349

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