Pasquini Marino, ham holders and cutting boards

Morsa Porta Prosciutto orizzontale

The Bottega Artigiana Pasquini Marino Srl was founded in 1957 by Pasquini Marino, from whom it took its name, and immediately specialised in producing craftmade chairs, armchairs and sitting room furniture characterised by a sophisticated, elegant design and unique, top-quality finishes. In addition to superb furniture-making skills, Pasquini Marino has always taken special care to select the finest raw materials, carefully choosing first-rate wood and beautiful, hardwearing fabrics.

Over the years the founders’ heirs have invested their professional skills and experience in the business, which has gradually grown, producing increasingly large volumes of furniture, acquiring a reputation in the field and expanding its range of products, while maintaining the quality standards that have always been the distinguishing mark of the company. Today the Bottega Artigiana Pasquini Marino has added a line of products designed for use in the catering sector, with a particular focus on furnishing elements for storing wines, as a result of the passion cultivated over the years by the family and a keen interest invested in the search to identify the particular structural characteristics able to create the conditions most conducive to preserving wine at its very best in the bottle and allowing it to age naturally over the months and years.

The Bottega Artigiana Pasquini Marino creates customised wine storage racks able to blend attractively in with the premises – often already furnished – that are to accommodate them. From classic through modern to minimalist, the Bottega Artigiana Pasquini Marino can identify just the right shape and space to devote to storing wines. Courtesy, advice and willingness to help are the core values that make the company a benchmark both for those who work in the catering field and for private customers looking to create an exclusive, comfortable environment.



Pasquini Marino Srl
Via Madonna, 306 37051-Bovolone (Verona) ITALIA

Tel.+0039 045 7100529 Fax +0039 045 6948523

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