Domori, chocolate


The origins of Domori go back to 1993. That is when Domori began a search of the world’s cocoa growing regions to find the best varieties of cocoa for making chocolate. From those humble beginings has grown a dedication by Domori to restoring the diversity of cocoa in a way that is respectful of man and the environment. Domori has a unique approach to their chocolate, selecting and roasting cocoa carefully and in small batches, processing it as little as possible, and peforming some operations by hand that others do by machine. The result is that Domori makes Italian chocolate with the unique, genuine taste and aroma of the cacao.



Via Pinerolo 72/74 – 10060 NONE (TO)
Tel: +39 01198.63.465
Fax Commerciale : +39 011 99.04.601
Fax Amministrazione : +39 011 99.05.634

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