Sterpo sorgente del gusto, trout

“Società Agricola Sterpo”, is situated in the heart of the plain of Friuli (Bassa Friulana) in the Italian province of Friuli Venezia Giulia. After more then 40 years of experience and activity, the company produces and transforms about 15.000 quintals of trout per year. This quantity can be divided by species such as rainbow trout, yellow trout and char. It can also be divided by products such as fresh fillets, fillets coated with breadcrumbs and many others delicacies. The company has always had a keen attention towards quality and new materials. This is the reason why it transforms only products of superior quality. These products are farmed inside the fresh waters of the local territory. These waters are charachterized by cold temperatures and are very rich in oxygen. The company is proud of this: extracting  the best from nature without compromising its delicate equilibrium.



Via piave, 2

33032 Sterpo di Bertiolo (UD)


T: +39 0432 917093

F: +39 0432 917762

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